What to eat with icing?!

Question: What to eat with icing?
Hi I want to make icing. Though I do not know what I should eat with it. I don't have crackers, and I can't make cookies. I can't eat chocolate. So what can I eat with it? Honestly, i have nothing sweet in the house. Also, if powssible, can you tell me an amazing icing recipe?


mmmm icing. seriously the simpler the better.. just icing sugar and a little water + whatever flavour is the best :D i lovvvve chocolate icing so just cocoa, icing sugar and water is amazingly good.. and even mix in some coconut.. but you cant have chocolate you say? then maybe just some strawberry or vanilla essence would be good. Also icing sugar and butter whipped mmmm.. lol! just eat it out of the bowl goshhh, or even put it on bread if youre concerned lol.. or if you have any buns you could make finger buns.. google a recipe!

Greetings. Butter icing is made with icing sugar and little glycerine to make it shine. It can be put on some 'bought' digestive cookies from the supermarket.

Butter icing is broken down and mixed in a bowl till it becomes soft. You add a teaspoon of glycerine and add fine icing sugar till it becomes fairly workable to be able to be piped with a piping bag, if you have one. If not , spread on the digestives for a sweet treat. The consistancy should be fairly hard, that is if you can put a thumb print in it and it shows in the icing.

best wishes and good luck,

In The Happy Herbivore cookbook by L. Nixon there is an excellent recipe for chocolate icing with only 40 calories and very little fat per serving

It is made with tofu

Fresh Strawberries with icing + fresh butter cream
Sweet Tomato with icing (chilled longer in the fridge)
Long Black Coffe / cuppucino etc

Put it on a piece of bread with some cinnamon. It will taste just like a cinnamon roll!

Cake, or cupcakes if youre gay.

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