What is a great stuffing for ravioli?!

Question: What is a great stuffing for ravioli?
What is also a great sauce. Please no seafood


Since you specifically said no seafood, I would recommend spinach or artichokes with an alfredo sauce.

Ricotta cheese flavoured anyway you like, add pineapple or strawberry for dessert raviolis. Dill, tarragon, garlic, parmesan cheese, meat, onion or really anything you personally like. Makes a wonderfully fluffy little pillow of flavour. Depending on the filling, a maranara sauce or Al Fredo sauce would be good but so is just tossing it in a bit of butter, salt and pepper.

Butternut squash, sage and parmesan
Sun dried tomato and mozzarella
Spinach and Ricotta
Mushroom and Prosciutto
three cheese
Beetroot and Fennel
Mild cheese and ham
Pea and Mint

Hope these help!! and there are no seafood ones there!


i'm sorry, i didn't see the no seafood part. it's been a long day lol

beef, cheese you can pretty much put anything you want into ravioli

beef or cheese for the stuffing.
as for the sauce, tomato or Alfredo sauce taste good.



cream cheese and green onions.

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