help me to make this chicken in the crockpot?!

Question: Help me to make this chicken in the crockpot?
i have chicken leg quarters and i just want to season them and put them in the crockpot. with out sauce. also could i put potato chunks under them? do i have to put liquid. any ideas??


You don't have to add any liquid...Meat.chicken make their own...the potatoes with chicken on top sound great...

What I do is spray the crock pot with cooking spray...

Enjoy !!!

I would put maybe some chicken broth so they they don't dry out and it will give you more flavor.. Also before you put them in, season them with salt and pepper and a little olive oil and then put them in a pan for about 5-7mins in each side or until they get a nice golden brown color.. Should be delicious.. Also consider putting fresh herbs in the crock pot with them, and maybe some whole garlic cloves (: sounds good.. I hope it turns out well!

You shouldn't need any fluids if the skin is on the chicken. It wouldn't hurt to put a little water in though. Maybe a 1//4 cup. Also I know that it seems to make sense to put the potatoes under the meat but it is entirely wrong. Always put the potatoes on top of your meat when using a crock pot.

Years of cooking

Yes you can do all those things. however i also like to put some chicken feet for the skin which adds a lovely flavour. Oh and some oyster sauce and soy sauce and hp sauce


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