Which steak to buy/how to cook it for best flavour?!

Question: Which steak to buy/how to cook it for best flavour?
I've always bought rump steak in the past as it's one of the cheapest, and usually cook it in a frying pan or under the grill. But it nearly always tastes funny - kind of "milky" is how I would best describe it - and is a bit chewy too! Is it worth buying a more expensive steak, like sirloin, or am I cooking it wrong?


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My father is a chef and he makes the best steak! (In my opinion that is) he always cooks with different cuts of steak but the 'T-bone' steak is always a winner. You can use any other type but the T-bone has different textures. As for the method of cooking when I am lazy, I use the frying pan but that does not give enough flavouring. You should really use grill for full effects but don't necessarily have to. ALWAYS use the two main seasonings: salt and freshly ground black pepper. That is what makes the steak come to life.

Sirlion Steak us also like rump steak in many ways, so buying rump is only making it cheaper always try buying different steaks until you find the right one.

'Ave a good time with your steak! x

My preferred steak of choice is always a good, marbled ribeye. In second place comes sirloin. I've had some very tasty flank steak. London Broil is decent and, sliced thinly, has a lot of flavor and you definitely get your monies worth. I season my steaks most of the time with: seasoned or kosher salt, bon appetit, garlic powder, and fresh ground pepper. Let them sit for at least an hour to blend the flavors and then grill. If I pan fry, I make sure to use a good olive oil and heat the pan until it smokes. Then I sear both sides and cook until medium rare.

I don't think you are cooking it wrong but a more expensive cut would taste better. Try a sirloin or a rib eye, these are really tender and delicious. I don.t know why your rump steak would taste milky. You could try a different butcher. Good luck. Kaylin Venison comes from deer, calf's meat is veal.

cheaper steaks are generally more chewy, but should taste somewhat similar to any steak

more expensive steaks are more tender... if you want a tender steak, try something more expensive

Venison (a type of meat that comes from a calf) try that.

This is a complex question which has many, many opinionated answers depending on whom you ask, and who responds. Rump Steak, or Top Round, is a excellent choice of meat, for a variety of different recipes. The thickness, grade, kind (Angus, Kobe, grain-fed, etc.) can all make a difference. You will pay more for some of those kinds-such as Kobe / Wagyu, Hereford, etc. The cooking process itself will either enhance the flavor or degrade the flavor. Marinating, Smoking, Aging, have an effect as well. The area of where the pices comes from on the cattle is just as important, as well as the USRDA certification--Prime, Top Choice, Choice, Grade A, Select, Canner, or Utility-have a marked say on the end product.
In short, it pays to purchase high-quailty meats depending upon the application. If your Grilling meat outdoors, then perhaps Sirloin Steaks are a good choice. If your making Beef Stew, then a tougher, leaner cut may be used. It depends upon your needs, the recipe, and the price point.
Hers a link to help get you started in understanding the many different cuts and the Best/Better methods for cooking those.

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