Do you ever double-dip?!

Question: Do you ever double-dip?
I know double dipping from a bowl that is shared by others is really disgusting but how about when you are the only one eating the dip? Like if you serve yourself some dip on your own plate? or ur by yourself and got some hummus that nobody else would dare you double dip in the container?

What do you do when you are at a party and see people double dipping? Do you say something or just avoid the dip?


I definitely double dip when I'm eating by myself. But I never do if I'm sharing with others. I'd get pretty annoyed if they do too. I'd probably mix it up with a joke and tell them not to double dip :) This is a strange question. o.O

I double dip when alone, I mean why not... it's my spit, my germs, my DNA.... but I never double dip when sharing with others. I think that's gross and I remember on a show on the Food Network they tested it and sure enough, after people double dipped there was a LOT more bacteria.

If I see someone else double dipping at a party, I just won't go back to that dip and I make sure to tell EVERYONE I can. If it's a close friendly gathering, I'll make a joke out of it and say "HEY, HE DOUBLE DIPPED EVERYONE!"

Remember, no matter what the subject, it all comes down to common courtesy.

That is disgusting. I don't do that even when alone. Seeing something that has been in my mouth back on something on my plate is unappetizing. I won't share dip with people I think are disgusting. I am not against communal sauces I just am not going to share with people that don't keep their nails trimmed and clean.

If it's on my own plate, all bets are off. Double dipping is legal

If it's shared then I would not do it. It would bother me if somebody else did it, so I don't do it.

In regard to your last question, I would probably avoid the dip. I would find it ridiculous to have a fight over a dip (even if the other person was wrong).

The only time I'd ever double dip is if it's just me and my SO but I don't do it often then either. He does the same. If I see it at a party I don't say anything.....except to the grandkids who were 3 & 4 at the time. Explained to them what they were doing wrong.

If it is your own personal serving then the double dip rule does NOT apply. WHO cares it is y ours. Double dipping is only a big deal for a communal bowl.

I might double-dip from my own container of hummus, or if I serve myself on my own plate. If I see someone else double-dipping, I will just avoid the dip!

i never had th habit of double dipping. if i saw someone double dipping i would't eat the dip the person was using.

I double dip every chance i can get, but if I'm sharing with someone i wont. If i saw someone double dipping i would avoid it. its gross.

Yes, when I am alone watching TV, but not when sharing with others.

i double dip when its only myself eating

if its only me (or my husband) eating it then i will double dip.

anyone else is a big no-no....thats just nasty!

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