£8 a week food recipe ideas?!

Question: £8 a week food recipe ideas?
sorry for reposting this realized posted it in US site forst time

help, after unexpected bill i am left with only £8 per week for the next 3 weeks to spend on food. I need some cheap reasonably healthy recipes(not too fussy about healthy 3 weeks won't kill me) that will keep me full, I cannot leave the house so I need to have a shopping list for my support worker tomorrow. I can spend a little of the money upfront to buy basics with (eg. £15 the first week and the rest split between the next 2 weeks) and I have a little in my house already (listed below) any one have any ideas of what to put on my list for support worker.

In my cupboards
3 frozen salmon fillets
3 frozen chicken breasts
frozen peas
1/2 pint milk
50g chedder
a bit of butter
half iceberg lettuce
stock cubes
herbs and spices
flour (plain)
flour (bread)
6 sachets yeast
baking powder
box of ready brek
tea bags
4 garlic cloves
2 bananas

thanks in advance for any help


I have a couple ideas that would be easy and filling. I'm in the US, so I'll try to do Metric measurements as much as I can. You can probably get through 1 week with very little shopping.

Chicken Soup (using only things that you already have):

Boil 2 Chicken Breasts in approx 1.5 liter of water.
Shred the Chicken and put it back in the water with stock cubes (follow the instructions for how many cubes for that much water), 1/2 the onion (chopped), 1 clove garlic (pressed), and 3/4 cup (175 ml?) of pasta. Add 1/2 cup of peas if you want, and season to taste.
This should be enough for a few meals.

Salmon with Rice (you'll have to do a little shopping for this).

(I'm not sure how much vinegar will be for you, but a small bottle of balsamic vinegar could be used in the next 2 recipes. Rice is fairly cheap, and can also be used in the next 2 recipes)

Thaw the Salmon.
Make a glaze with 60 ml of oil and 30 ml of honey with a little salt (add 30 ml of Balsamic vinegar if you have it); this is enough for a few filets.
Bake the salmon on a greased sheet at 450 degrees for 10 minutes (or until it's done), brushing with glaze every 2 minutes.
While Salmon is in the oven, bring 250 ml of water to a boil. Add 100 ml of rice. Cook until the water has been absorbed. Remove from heat, cover, and let stand for 5 minutes. Fluff rice and serve.
To serve, put rice on the plate, then put salmon over it. You could cook up some frozen peas with this.

Glazed Chicken with Rice

Prepare rice as directed in the salmon recipe.
For Chicken Glaze, mix 15 ml of Vinegar, 15 ml of Jam, and 10 ml of oil. Cook over low heat until the jam is melted.
In a pan, heat 10 ml of oil over medium heat. Add the chicken breast. Sear each side. Add the glaze and cover for 5 minutes. Uncover and continue cooking until the chicken is fully cooked.
To serve, put the rice in a bowl, and put the chicken on top, and pour the glaze over top.

For breakfast, you could always get some oats. To make easy oatmeal:
put equal parts oats and water in a pot. Add just a dash of honey or a little fruit (you could use 1/2 a banana).
Cook on medium heat until the water is absorbed to the consistency you want.

Potatoes for baking or mashing, tin tomatoes for making pasta sauce, fresh fruit, apples are fairly cheap.Tinned baked beans, sweetcorn and spaghetti. A big box of cornflakes and plenty of rice, noodles and try using dried pulses, beans and lentils to make soups and curries.

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