Corned beef side dish?!

Question: Corned beef side dish?
other than cabbage...


I like to cut red potatoes in quarters and boil til just soft

Then I cook some bacon and onions in a pan with a little butter... and once the bacon is crisp and the onions are soft, I throw the drained potatoes in and toss. It's super yummy!

Also, I like to cook carrots til just soft and then toss with a little butter, cracked black pepper and parsley.

Mmmmm, I just can't wait for dinner tonight!

Red Potatoes and some carrots and of course some Cabbage as well and maybe some soda bread(Irish).

corn on the cob
steamed broccoli or asparagus
stuffed baked tomato

Boiled red potatoes...or you could make reubens. I'm not a fan of saurkraut but it suits the corned beef just right.

boiled potato's with green food coloring
creamed spinach
green beans

Potatoes, irish soda bread

lima beans and mashed potatoes

too fatty

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