An Inquiry about Pot Brownies?!

Question: An Inquiry about Pot Brownies?
No, no, I'm not asking for recipes. I'm writing a short story for English class. In it, the deuteragonist consumes pot brownies. Seeing that I'm straightedge, I have little experience in this area.

So here's my question.

Is it possible to unknowingly consume brownies with pot in them?

Like, if someone were to pick up one thinking that it was a normal brownie, would they realize their mistake?

Do the smell/taste of pot brownies render them distinctive?

Would it be unrealistic to unknowingly eat one? Or entirely plausible?

Also, how do they make you act? Like normal pot? Or are the effects much less?

Thank you :)


Just watched a National Geographic program which talked about this.

Apparently (I've never done it) pot brownies are made using an intermediate product, "Hash butter," which dissolves the cannabinoids (active ingredients) in fat, since they are fat soluble, not water soluble.

The program implied that some taste of the weed was discernible in the finished product.

I would think that it would be entirely possible to ingest such a brownie/cookie unwittingly.

According to the program, the effect of the cannabis are of slower onset but longer duration than the ordinary method of smoking. The effects, according to the program, are much the same, BUT the increased appetite ("munchies") produced by the cannabis might lead to further ingestion of the drugged sweets, which might lead to higher levels/longer periods of intoxication.

You might wish to check your cable channel to see if this program will be run again. It was highly informative, and might help your research considerably if you could watch it.

I normally do not respond to "pot brownie" questions, but your question seems to be legitimate research, so I hope this helped.

While preparing the "butter" It does smell VERY strong. But after they are baked and settled down, they smell just like regular brownies.

Well, if you can smell a mint brownie, why not pot?

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