Are there any foods u can eat that will make ur butt bigger?!

Question: Are there any foods u can eat that will make ur butt bigger?
okay, im 17 and within the last 2 years ive lost about 15-20 pounds and im down to about 98 pounds and i feel disgusting sometimes. i have no a$$ anymore and i hate it. Im okay with my stomach and everything i just want my a$$ back. is there any food you can eat that will make it bigger? i know this question sounds rediculas


You gain and lose weight evenly over your body, so no there aren't any foods for only big butts. Just sew some padding into your panties if you want your butt to look large.

eat lots of protein to build muscle, then you have to do excersices to work out the butt muscles. that's the only way.

I don't think there is such food but you can try working out, go to the gym, it will make your butt firmer thus making it look bigger.

Not all guys like a massive a$$. Exercising your gluts will make it tighter and harder and be healthier for you. I prefer an a$$ that's hard enough to crack a walnut rather than one with handles


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