Do you know any recepies?!?!?!

Question: Do you know any recepies?!?!?
Do you know any recepies for shrimp (not too complicated)


shrimp tacos!!
VERY easy.
Heat or cook the shrimp in a pan in some butter and then prepare the other things and it'll be done in no time. So easy a child could even help out.

1, the shrimp washed, cut shrimp to be, shrimp legs, shrimp from the head, cut a small hole at the gun, remove the sandbags, then shrimp, cut back, out of the sand gland. 2, Chao Shao lit into the peanut oil, pan, put aniseed, scallion, ginger stir-fry, stir Stir shrimp sauce into the shrimp, cooked into the cooking wine, add salt, sugar, broth boil, cover Cover grill with Weihuo stew thoroughly, then spoon shift normalizing, slightly thick sauce when you put MSG, Drizzle sesame oil Serve.


Throw it on a grill.

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