I am hungry and i have these ingredients... what can i cook?? please?!

Question: I am hungry and i have these ingredients... what can i cook?? please?
Hey thanks for reading... well i have been eating chips and cold drink all day so please suggest some food... here are the things i have-
mozarella cheese
some spices
onions, tomatoes, potatoes!

please dont say omelette or srambled eggs or bread butter!

thanks everyone xx


Oh my god ok boil some eggs, cut potatoes into small piece like a cube not too small and boil them
Until is soft n when both r done peel the eggs an put them in a bowl n also take out the water from the potatoes n put them in the same bowl with the eggs n then crush them with a fork and put salt and mayo in it but in order to do this u have to make sure ur potatoes r soft when they r boiling try it I'm sure u will like it

I would pan fry or bake the chicken, dice it up, and add mayo, a little chopped onion, salt and pepper. Toast the bread and eat my chicken salad sandwich with a couple of slices of tomato. Some people like sliced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese together--I think it's called a caprise salad. You could drizzle a little olive oil over it and sprinkle some Basil and Parmesan cheese on it.

Well let me thinkk, you could make grilled cheez and put scrambled eggs on it, its actually very good. Ive had it for breakfast once. Grilled chiken sammichand put some cheez and tomatoes on it . Bake a potatoe and put some cheez and butter and spices on it, I eat this all the time after school, love it. sounds good :) hope i helped a lil.

Simply type in what you have on-hand, these sites will generate recipes using those ingredients:






You could always have a chicken, tomato, and cheese sandwich on toast with boiled and then fried potatoes as a side dish. I normally make a chicken pot pie when faced with such a dilemma ( but I have a lot of mouths to feed).

sounds like roasted chicken(with onions and spices) and potatoes.

chuck them in the oven, on a thin layer of butter and eggs(put in last). sprinkle mozarella in.

slice tomatoes and eat them fresh with them. yum

Make spicy chicken and mozzarella w/ onions and tomatoes.
Then boil some eggs... add a pinch of salt and some butter and mash it up.

make a bread chicken pizza
just take ur bread as pizza base n throw sum ingredients here n there grill it njoy ur pizza

onion tomatos and mozarella with some spices. yummy

Throw it in a blender ha!

go on supercook.com and type in ur ingredients,
and it will come up with some recipes for u! x

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