Is white american cheese and orange american cheese the same?!

Question: Is white american cheese and orange american cheese the same?
I kno their 2 dif colors but why?


I asked the same question at to grocery store. The lady told me they are the same, just a color difference. The texture is a bit different in the orange one, the dye drys it out a little. Im talking about the deli American cheese you have pre sliced which is WAY better then the kind that is pre packaged.

I don't think the American cheese that has to be sliced is the yukky processed type. Its totally different and really good. The Land O Lake deli brand is good. The super walmart out here has this awesome brand at their deli too but can't remember the name. Sometimes you have to have the more mellow cheeses for certain things like grilled cheese sandwiches

They are both the same processed crap, just dyed different colors. Do yourself a favor and stop buying processed cheese- the real cheddar or colby costs about the same and tastes and melts MUCH better!
"American" cheese is NOT real cheese, it is practically as plastic as the wrapping it comes in!

Lived in America's Dairland for 50 years so far...and I know my cheese!

One is poison, the other isn't. Which is which? That's for you to decide.

They are the same ... the orange simply has annato for color

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