How do I cook ribeye steaks to be done inside and tender?!

Question: How do I cook ribeye steaks to be done inside and tender?
I don't cook steak much but would like to know how to cook ribeyes done inside, without making them tough? I don't have an outside grill but I do have a broiler in the oven that can be set on high or low settings.


John Wayne is giving you a recipe that works better for Med-Rare or Med steaks. You want it done, so I would suggest you skip the broiler and the 500 deg oven, and put it in a lightly oiled pan (that has a lid). Cook one side on fairly high heat, so it browns, and then turn it over. You can either brown the bottom and then turn the heat down to Med-Low or Low, or turn the heat down as soon as you turn the meat, but at this point, cover it and keep the heat on the low side, and it will cook more evenly, without being too tough. Time depends on the thickness of the steak. Ribeye is fairly tender so it's hard to ruin it unless you cook it too long on higher heat, or it's a thinner cut.

The most important thing for a good steak, is to buy a good steak. Not select, not choice(although on occasion it is OK), but prime.

Let the meat come to room temperature and lightly oil both sides, butter if you've got it. You can put the salt/pepper on after you cook the meat.

You want the meat 6 inches from the broiler and you have to keep an eye on it. This isn't a set it and forget it meal. Once you notice the first side starting to brown good, pull it out and flip the meat. Repeat. After the second side is that way, pull the meat and let it sit for 10 minutes in the bottom of the oven. This allows the inside to finishe cooking

Then cut into the middle and see how you did. And if it wasn't what you wanted, always remember practice makes perfect.

A picture is worth a thousand words:…

Note that they don't have an outside grill either. The type of pan they use will be less messy than using the broiler (the fat will splatter, burn and smoke up your kitchen if you broil).

If you have to work with the equipment you have, I would recommend just a good fry pan instead. Don't cook the steak past Med-Rare/Medium or it will be tough.

Cooking a steak to long results in it being tough...but this is how I cook steaks with the broiler..

Use the broiler pan that has a two layer pan one with holes on the top which drains into the one on the bottom...If you don't have one then use a oven safe pan or cast iron skillet.....

I would say 7 or 8 minutes per side...only turn it once and use tongs or a spatula...Never a fork...
After it is done put on a plate and let it rest for about 5 can tent foil over it...

Good luck !!!

Ribeyes are my fav steak! If u cook any steak completely done it will not be as tender or juicey. but if thats what you prefer 8 min. on first side use a spatula to turn never a fork (as this will let juices out} 6 min on other side. Enjoy! Oh HaHa! Broiler on high!…

I almost live on steak. This is the best indoor recipe that I have used.

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