Do I need to cover the chicken?!

Question: Do I need to cover the chicken?
I am suppose to roast a chicken. Does that mean it needs to be covered?


I tend to cover my chicken as it helps to prevent the outside burning before the inside is cooked. However, towards the end of cooking I sometimes remove the lid and turn up the heat to help crisp the skin if it isn't golden and crispy. But I'm still learning myself :)

I have done it covered and uncovered. If its uncovered be sure to baste it every 15 min to keep it moist and to prevent the skin from burning. If you notice the skin is starting to get dark, just cover it will foil at that point.
Or you can cover it with foil at the beginning, then remove it about 15 before its done to brown the skin.
Either method has worked fine with me.

It is optional. I only cover when I am doing a whole chicken.
I lift off the cover for the last 10 minutes and have the door just ajar to get the skin to crisp up, but you need to keep an eye on it so it doesn't burn.

You could cover it with a piece of tin foil and then remove it 15 minutes before it is done....but is not necessary. You can also baste it at intervals while it is cooking to keep it moist and help brown the skin.

You Can If U Want. Covering The Chicken Seals In The Favors Of The Chicken. And It Seals In The Juices.

Maybe during the first hour of cooking so it doesn't completely burn. ;/

yes until the 10 min so that it can brown a little

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