Tell me what your all time FAVORITE meal is? I'm Looking to try something new?!

Question: Tell me what your all time FAVORITE meal is? I'm Looking to try something new?
I want to make something different, share what your favorite meal is! Thanks =D


Hmmm... my favorite all-time meal is probably something I had in a restaurant that I'm not about to attempt at home!! But as far as stuff I've learned to make over the years in my own kitchen that I believe I've mastered:

shrimp and sausage gumbo over rice w/ salad
Afghan pumpkin w/yogurt-garlic sauce & baked basmati rice
venison or beef or veal stew w/vegetables
pot roast w/ root vegetables
Thai grilled chicken w/ cucumber salad
fried cod w/ cole slaw
ground turkey & kidney bean chili w/ cornbread
pasta: con le sarde or puttanesca or carbonara w/ salad
white bean soup or Swedish yellow pea soup

I can't pick a favorite, sorry. It depends on my mood.

I love fried shrimp and oysters with cole slaw, and I love fried chicken with baked macaroni and cheese and collard greens. There are many different recipes for fried chicken on I was in a quiche making mood a few weeks ago and made several different kinds--all very quickly eaten by my man and his buddies. I would like to try and make enchiladas sometime soon--I love mexican food too.

Lobster and seafood go great in any pasta entree or pot pie, and there are so many different kinds of fish that each one is worth trying. ;)
I also like eating baked potatoes filled with broccoli cheese soup. (It's much better than it sounds.)

Typical danish dinner- meatballs, boiled potatoes, creamed white asparagus, boiled carrots and cooked red cabbage. Serve with red wine.

Steak is my favorite, but if you look up some chinese recipes they are very easy & something dif.

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