Learning how to cook?!

Question: Learning how to cook?
Are there any effective ways to learn to cook available anywhere?


Hi. You can find many products searching the internet for recipe books or something like that. Hope this helps.

Get a good, simple cookbook with basic recipes and go from there. Or look up "easy recipes" online. With cooking the only effective way to learn is to start cooking, and keep cooking. The more you cook the better you get. Also, watching cooking shows helps a lot too, you may not make the recipes they make, but you will learn techniques and different ways to do things. You might see someone do something and be like "ohhh...ok, so that's how they do that!" Then you can apply that to your cooking! Good luck and don't give up! Cooking can be fun!

Start with the blue-box Mac'n'Cheese; then make your own version with pasta & cheese.
Watch the Cooking channel & Food network on cable TV, & Internet websites.


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