What is a word that is okay for only whites to use?!

Question: What is a word that is okay for only whites to use?
What do you think? African-Americans have their own word that they are free to use with each other but whites cannnot use.. so what word should whites invent to throw around at each other that is only okay for us to use? Cracka? Honk? Let's hear some ideas!


ku klux klan

I have to be honest with you in saying that most phrases that are named 'off limits' are usually NOT for white people to say. Even some of the most racist or even stupid phrases white people come up with somehow end in the hands of everyone else and us whites are on the blacklist. One, for instance, is the word "ain't." It is probably the most retarded way I can think of to combine two words that are already compound, and it originated in the South. Nowadays, it is used in both races and usually only those two, which is kinda weird.
However, there's always going to be stupid words white people say that would nearly be a sin if it were to cross the lips of any other race, simply because whites have gained a certain reputation for stupid in the modern world and can get away with saying the dumbest things (or at least they think they can).
bottom (in reference to the.. well, bottom)
wiener (stupid, but true)
Is there any pattern? Well, basically any term that SOUNDS really stupid is bound to be of white origin. And then there are words that are too intelligent for day-to-day chatting that white people will use to try to sound smarter than they actually are, and will usually only be used casually by a white person (keyword- TRY).

It's the context in which one uses it man. Maybe whites word is imperialism lol.


caspa the rasta

I always tell people I'm hangin' with my Nillas.

Nabisco's Nilla Wafers.

how bout incestial red neck child molesting hill billy cokc sucker


They can use "White trash" or hillbilly as much as they want.

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