can i eat orange chicken in lent?!

Question: Can i eat orange chicken in lent?

During lent, (the season before easter), you can eat meat on all days except holy days of obligation... ash wednesday, good friday etc. and on all fridays. fridays there is no meat allowed, and unless you gave up meat fro lent, you are good to go!

I'm a Catholic !!! <3

Not on Fridays. The rule is you can't eat land animals with bone on fridays. Fish is fine, but not turkey. chicken, cow, etc.

I'm Catholic

The modern guidance is to refrain from red meat on Fridays.

Catholic Deacon

not on Fridays but on any other day it is fine.


Not on Friday!


yes you can

are you kidding me?! NO!!!

You can eat whatever you want any time you want. If you're observing meatless Fridays, then obviously you wouldn't be eating chicken.

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