Do you HAVE to cook lasagna noodles before you use them in a casserole?!

Question: Do you HAVE to cook lasagna noodles before you use them in a casserole?
I have seen recipes that don't require you to cook them before, but I don't know what it is that makes you be able to do that. I have also heard of some saying that they NEVER cook them before they use them in any recipe, but I've never done that, and I don't want to ruin the dish. It would be a time saver if I didn't have to cook them. Can anyone help me with this?? Thanks.


I f I am cooking baking the dish, then I never cook them. Just add more juice. They come out just fine!

You don't need to cook lasagna noodles, nor do you need to buy the special "no-cook" lasagna noodles. You'll just need to bake your lasagna a little longer than the recipe calls for (maybe 10-15 minutes). I actually prefer to make it that way because the lasagna comes out firmer, more easy to cut and serve, and it doesn't fall apart on the plate. Just hold off on adding any cheese on the top until the last 20 minutes or so of baking. You may want to cover it with aluminum foil for the first half of the baking so it doesn't get too brown on top.
If you like your lasagna looser and don't mind if it falls apart a little on your plate, just make sure that your sauce is a little soupier than usual.

if you decide to use first l's advice (which is fine) you must remember to put twice as much sauce as usual, since the dry noodles will absorb quite a bit in order to hydrate themselves and cook.

i prefer to use partially cooked noodles. you can always do it the day before and store them in the frig. with a little oil rubbed on to keep them from sticking together.

another thing that works fantastic is to use chinese eggroll wrappers. that is by far, the easiest way of all. i do it all the time. also use them to make manicotti.

There are two types of lasagna noodles.
Regular ones require pre-cooking, the new ones do not.
Don't cut corners, to save time, & spoil the dish.
If you use a lot of liquid & cook a long time, it may work.
But you won't have saved any time or effort.

When I make lasagna I put the noodles in hot tap water while the sauce is simmering..then when it is time to put the lasagna together the noodles are comes out perfect............

Good luck.............

No. Just make sure they are fully covered in enough sauce. They will cook in the sauce. No need to buy those oven ready noodles..they are just a gimmick and cost more.

My sister soaks them in water

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