How do you like your eggs: salty or sweet?!

Question: How do you like your eggs: salty or sweet?
I love flans.


I like mine salty. People think I'm crazy but, I love Soy Sauce on my eggs. Fried egg whites or boiled egg whites with Soy Sauce is pretty much the greatest thing ever. You guys should try it.

I also love flans.

Oh YES! Flans are yummy.
My favorite part of a cinnamon roll is the egg that is brushed on top between the bun and the sugar topping.

But I also like eggs with salt and pepper, usually when they're boiled and I'm in a hurry. I really enjoy eating deviled eggs when they're made with sweet relish and mayo. When I have scrambled eggs with hashbrowns I like to eat them both with ketchup or sweet BBQ. I've made some yummy breakfast sandwiches with toast, jam, and egg. Many times when I've had eggs with pancakes I would enjoy them both with syrup.
And of course, eggs are an important ingredient in many desserts.

thankfully im not a salt junkie, so i just have my eggs yokey with toast to dip it in, but i dnt put anything on it, natural flavers are fine and im going to live longer for it to, but pepers good, and its not bad for you...sweet eggs?

Flan is great, but usually eggs are best over easy. I am really jst answering this question because your name is Hawiaan Beauty.

Over easy with salt, pepper and toast, no butter.

Just a little salt, not salty

Hard boiled

depends on my mood but flan is the best!

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