Microwave baked potato smell!?!

Question: Microwave baked potato smell!?
I've cooked potatoes in the microwave a few times now. I prick the potatoes, put them on a plate, put in the microwave for approx ten mins. It has created a horrible smell when I've done it (almost smells like plastic) and it makes a dark brown substance on the plate/ in microwave. is this normal?!


Are you putting your potato on a plate or a paper towel or something? It sounds like the juices are running out of the potato and then burning on the bottom of your microwave. That juice is full of starch so it's not just like water running out of it, the starch is burning and making that bad smell. Use a plate or paper napkin, anything so the juice won't drip onto your microwave. Oh, I just saw that you said you did use a plate...well try putting a paper towel under it to absorb the juice. Personally, I think potatoes baked in an oven taste better, but I have microwaved them before too, and never had that problem. Good luck!

you should wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the microwave for seven minutes you don't have to pric it. By 7min it will be cooked and delicious...!

and i bake my potatoes what all the time ---like years
you might br over cooking them only take 5-8 min

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