How long do you need to bake or broil a 2 inch bone in rib eye steak? 10 pts!?!

Question: How long do you need to bake or broil a 2 inch bone in rib eye steak? 10 pts!?
We were told to broil for 8 minutes on each side. It was beyond rare! We have a run of the mill GE oven and 1 more steak, Should we bake it or broil it?


This chef specializes in this. Of course you can change the seasonings to suit you.…

Broil it!! I'm going out on a limb here, you probably broiled it on the center oven rack. You need to move your oven rack to place the steak about three to four inches from the broiler element.

8 minutes on each side should be more than enough. I only cook london broil (top round) for 7 each side, and it gets to almost medium rare.

If you have a cast iron skillet throw it in the oven while you preheat the broiler. Once it gets good and hot remove the skillet with a pot holder, drop in the steak, and back in the oven. cook for four minutes and flip, four more and flip, until you have 8 minutes on each side.

If you don't have a skillet, well do the same thing but directly on the oven rack with a cookie sheet or roasting pan on the lower rack to catch the drippings and keep them from dirtying your oven.

It is extremely difficult to broil a 2" steak, that is more like a small rib roast.
I would pan fry it or more or less grille it in a skillet.
You must have a cast iron for the best result. Let the steak set at room temp for an hour or so, not direct from the fridge.
enough olive oil to wet the skillet, some garlic salt pepper whatever spice fancies you.
I would get the skillet med hi hot and sear each side, about 2-4 minute per side.
Lower the heat to med low and cook each side 5 min at a time, cut and check for your desired doneness, cook longer if needed.
Damn I 'm hungry

Good luck!

put a little bacon grease in a pan and brown it on both sides, then wrap in foil and put in then put in the oven at about 400, for 15 or 20 min. and see how you like that, and season it with steak sauce and whatever type of steak seasoning first, and it is even better

Never bake a ribeye steak. LOL Why arent you just frying it? There is so much fat in ribeyes your gonna start a dang fire! But if you insist on "Broiling" then do it- to the doneness you want geez this isnt rocket science.

It's amazing! Good Luck, cheers

I would bake it 20 minutes. It will be just right. Juicy and great. wait 5 minutes before you cut into it as well. the juices wont run out.

Bake (or roast) a STEAK????

Never. Broil or barbecue or fry in on top of the stove in a heavy pan.

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