Raggatoni Alla Vodka ?!

Question: Raggatoni Alla Vodka ?
i went to this restuarant and i orderd ^ that and the pasta had a golden color and it tasted divine , i looked it up and i bought the sauce already prepared ... how do i give it the golden color ?


If you mean the pasta, it was probably an egg pasta. The egg yolks usually make the pasta yellow. Most store bought boxed pastas have no egg in them. It's Rigatoni, by the way.

If you mean the sauce was golden, the restaurant probably used yellow tomatoes to make the sauce and these tomatoes tend to be pretty expensive at the supermarket. It can't have been cream in red sauce because then the sauce would be pink. Normally vodka sauce is red or pink if cream has been added (it's served both ways), and the color shouldn't make that much of a difference in taste.

It probably a littler cream and the vodka with extra virgin olive oil.

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