How to cook a pre packaged pizza?!

Question: How to cook a pre packaged pizza?
I generally don't eat fast-foods like pizza & my ma threw out the box.
Its a thin base veggie pizza, I'm going to assume everybodys oven is different.

How long do i preheat the oven?
Should i add olive oil to the tray to stop the base sticking?
How long roughly am i looking at it cooking before being edible?
I assume to check it i just lift it up & check that it isn't doughy & that the cheese etc has melted ontop


No, don't thaw frozen pizza first. Just put it on the pizza pan, no oil or you'll have a mess. DO NOT put the cardboard circle it comes on in the oven too. (My grandma tried to do that once.) Turn your oven to 400 degrees. I don't bother with preheating. Put it in the oven. Check after about 15 min for a thin crust pizza. If the cheese is a nice golden, it's done. If you like it a little darker, turn off the heat and let it finish that way for another couple of minutes. You don't have to lift it up - you'll just burn yourself. If the cheese is done the crust will be OK too.

I've made about 5 million frozen pizzas in my life. :-)

When the actual cooking time is "short" (less than 30 minutes) it is always best to PREHEAT your oven to the temperature in the directions. How long do you preheat? About 5 minutes should get most ovens to the 400-degs that most frozen pizzas require.

Most frozen pizzas will not stick to the pan. If you wish to prevent any sticking, then either use a non-stick pizza pan (or cookie sheet) or spray with a veggie spray (i.e. "PAM").


PS... generally you KEEP the pizza frozen.

Our family generally likes to add some Italian Seasoning to the top of the pizza before baking it. It adds a great extra flavor.

That'll be 5-cents, please.

Preheat the oven to 350 for 15 minutes , put the pizza on a tray sprayed with Pam , cook for 12 minutes , Enjoy !!

Stick it in the oven frozen. 400oF for about 15-20 min. Check on it after 15 to see how brown crust is and if chz is melted yet.

most frozen pizzas are supposed to be kept frozen until you put them in the oven....most go straight on the rack..and cook for whatever time it says on the box...

Your a vegetable pizza

Wild Society, please take close attention to what Sugar Pie has said, I do exactly the same.

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