Make canned food spicy?!

Question: Make canned food spicy?
I've decided I want a spicy soup. I have a variety of canned soup in the cupboard: chicken noodle, minestrone, vegetable with barley, beef and vegetable, and savory lentil. What would be the best soup to spice it up and how would I season it?


Spicey goes well with beans so....the minestrone with hot sauce or a small pinch of hot pepper.
Actually it probably would go well in any of the soups.
Chinese soups , hot and sour, gumbo, and bk bean are the ones you want to buy.

I'd say the beef or the chicken because it has more bosy to it and the spiciness wouldn't just overpower all the other flavors

Mm...I find this.

Use dried spices or add chilis

use spices like paprika maybe(try it to see i that helps) or use hot sauce :P

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