what is for sunday dinner?!

Question: What is for sunday dinner?
i no i asked this before i like to ask every sunday to get different ideas


Pretty basic tonight...but family requested...

Garlic Roast Chicken
Baked Yukon Gold Potatoes
Sweet Corn (from frozen)
Steamed Spinach
Relish Dish: Baby Carrots (raw) and Jumbo Black Olives
Dessert: Canteloupe

I don't know how many join you for this dinner, but if it's a bit of a group, this could be a fun little change from the ho-hum Sunday roast: TACOS!! Prepare separate bowls(med.-lg.), filled with shredded lettuce, diced up tomatoes, diced onions, seasoned crumbled up hamburger (buy a couple of packets of taco seasoning mix & follow directions),& lots of shredded(or grated) sharp cheddar cheese.These are the basics,but you can add stuff like sliced black olives,canned diced green chilies,or whatever. Carefully snap taco shells in half the best you can (some will break) & arrange on cookie sheets. Then, either YOU can load them up , or let each dinner member do their own. I've found it builds better with the meat 1st, then the lettuce,then any of the other stuff you want,finally topped with the cheese (kind of packed into place) Also,I've found it's less messy if you hold the shell in your hand over each dish of the stuff you're putting on while you're putting it on.Kind of a lot of meat & lettuce,then a sprinkeling of the other stuff,then kind of a lot of cheese to hold it all together. just needs to go in 350-400degree oven for 2 or 3mins.,just 'til cheese melts.Lift each out with spatula onto serving dish or individual plates.Can top with sour cream,or taco sauce. Fun & yum!!

Family & friends' favorite at my house for 40 years! ( & no,we're not Mexican!)

I did a roast lamb dinner today, instead of roast parsnips i did roast butternut squash,It was Delicious


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