Does anyone still cook ?!

Question: Does anyone still cook ?
Do you eat out at fast food places all the time most of the time or never ?

Do you cook one meal a day three a day ? One a month ?

Am I the only one left who makes meals at home?

I wouldn't want my wife eating the crap they sell at these places so I make her lunch and usually breakfast and dinner -

But also because I do not want to eat that crap.

I am not sure what is in McDonalds burgers but I am sure it's not beef despite what they say - I am not altogether sure the bun is bread - same goes for the rest of the fast food places - They might be better but now we are compareing getting hit over the head with a book vs getting hit with a brick -

How about that microwavable stuff ? Are you doing that instead or cooking cooking ????


Yes I cook all the time. It's just me and my son but, I cook all the time I don't do breakfast on the weekdays because he wants to eat breakfast at school with his friends. But on the weekends we go all out for breakfast, it's his favorite food. I cook all the time and we don't stick to the same things all the time we try different dishes. And all my sisters and mother come to the house because they know that I cook everyday. I enjoy it, a lot of times I talk as if there's a camera right there in the kitchen and I have a live studio audience. My son thinks I crazy.

i almost never eat out of fast food places, and when i eat at a resturant i try to make sure its home cooked.

i try to cook as often as possible, however usually do not have time, especially during the week.

it is really sweet that you dont want you or your wife eating the crap that you can buy (and i agree it is crap)

i will never have a microwaveable meal.

I cook a meat and two nearly every night for my husband and myself. Then I come home for lunch and have leftovers and my husband takes leftovers for his lunch or I make tuna or chicken salad for him. Sometimes he'll grab a salad out. We probably don't go out for dinner more than once every two months.

I always and only eat home made meals. I never eat frozen microwaveable "meals", cafeteria "food", or fast "food". I even make my own bread. I hope that more people start doing the same.

i cook mostly only 1 meal a day
and only eat out once a month

I (we) still cook all our meals. It's cheaper and better than fast food, and for the cost of one fast food meal I could easily buy groceries that will go further. There's one meal at night, lunch is leftovers, and we don't eat breakfast except on the weekends. Fast food though is a treat for me 2 or 3 times a year just to indulge a bit.

As far as dining out, that's way too expensive anywhere. Maybe once a year when my husband's work gets him a gift certificate to a nice place, then we'll go and call it a special occasion.

Your wife has a keeper!~

As a family, we bring home pizza about once a month and Chinese about the same. I also get a sandwich from the grocery deli once a week for lunch while I'm at work. Other than that, we strictly eat at home.

Dinner is cooked by me and eaten at the dining room table. No ifs, ands or buts. If there's a track meet or whatever causing dinner to be super late if we wait on me then I have one of the teens make the meal and we eat at different times.

Breakfast is cooked once or twice a week. The kids will make their own the other days. Lunch is the same. I provide soups, things for salads and sandwiches.

As for microwave meals --- I don't eat them at all. When I work out of town for a few days, I will buy some fast things like Hot Pockets etc just to make sure they have stuff. lol

I eat out at restaurants occasionally with my fiance a few times a month. I don't go to fast food restaurants. But if someone else is buying and that's what they want to get, then I'll eat it.

I cook most meals every day of the week that I am home.

I even make my own pizza dough.

A guy who can cook has a great thing going for him. If my man cooked, I wouldn't have to worry about making nutritional meal all the time.

I heard a McDonald's could have meat from 50 different cows in one burger. And chicken nuggets are made of ground up elderly chickens who don't produce anymore, feathers and all.

I don't even own a microwave. It gave me cancer when I was five.

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