What does flour do in brownies?!

Question: What does flour do in brownies?
will there be a difference if they don't go in ?


W/o flour you will have a chocolate sauce.

If I were you I would go buy some flour or a boxed brownie mix.
There really isn't much else you can do.

EDIT: perhaps some boxed Bisquick or Jiffy baking mix will replace flour.

It's the main binder to keep and form the final product. The only alternatives would be gluten free flour made out of rice or ground almonds and egg whites similar to the technique when making a flourless chocolate cake.

It holds all the other ingredients together in the cakey form. Without the flour, you'll have a molten mess.

Don't know other than what another poster said a pancake mix type thing. Now if you use say bisquick that has leavening ingredients in it so you can leave out salt and baking soda or baking powder.

You want self raising flour as it marked them rise otherwise you will have pretty flat cakes

yes with out flour they will taste bad real bad try them with out flour and you'll see

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