What are some good basic recipes for Tuna?!

Question: What are some good basic recipes for Tuna?
Ok, so I'm trying to be more healthy. One way I'm doing it is replacing red meat with more healthier options, like tuna. Most of the times I just mix tuna, mayo, and honey mustard and put it on bread (or eat with crackers). However this can be boring. So do any of you have simple fun and tasty recipes for tuna.

Please note that when I say tuna I mean the kind you get in the can, like chicken of the sea brand. Also I mostly eat tuna for lunch so something more along those line, though I wouldn't mind tuna for dinner. Thanks to all in advance!


I make a lot of tuna casseroles. You can use a box of scalloped potatoes and just add a can of tuna to it. You can also use a box of augroten potatoes as well. For a larger dinner, use a box of each mixed and 2 cans of tuna.Tuna salids are great too with shreded cheddar cheese on top.

been there... done that... can't remember

I would also urge you to 'dump the can'.

Add freshly ground black pepper and fry both sides so it is just raw on the very inside.

Cut into strips, and make salade Ni?oise, with 6 minute boiled eggs, and purple olives, anchovies in oil/vinegar, fresh green beans, tiny Jersey Royal potatoes, and baby San Marzano tomatoes.

And make your own dressing.

Dump the can. Buy a whole fresh cut fillet. Spice it with whatever you desire (lemon and basil is always a classic) grill it. Enjoy!

Grilled with white wine and mushroom sauce.


google it(:

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