Is all purpose flour bad for you?!

Question: Is all purpose flour bad for you?
Is all purpose flour bad for you if you are aiming to eat only complex carbs?


Well, it's not a complex carb.

If you are referring to white flour, yes. It is the same, or similar to the white flour found in most foods in the grocery store. I buy whole wheat flour for both baking/cooking and in what I buy, such as bread or cereal. We do buy the graham, chocolate and cheese Goldfish, though they do have white flour in them. However, whole wheat flour is the first listing and we do not have those often. Generally, we save them for our three-year-old as a bribe treat when we are out. (When I was pregnant, I discovered that the graham and the chocolate were very good together.)

When we moved into the parsonage, we were given a "pantry shower" and somebody gave us a bag of white flour. My husband has used it for a few things, but it's been sitting in our cupboard. Recently, while reading one of my daughter's "Happy Times" magazines with her, I found a recipe for dough ornaments. I thought that we finally had use for the flour. (We were also given a bag of whit sugar that we hardly use and brown sugar. The latter is because we don't use many recipes with it, though it IS just white sugar with molasses "seasoning".)

Yes it is,

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