Why do apples, hotdogs and potato chips make me sick!?!

Question: Why do apples, hotdogs and potato chips make me sick!?
They taste do good, unfortunantly for some reason apples make me feel like I need to throw up (and sometimes I do). I found the same thing happens to me when I eat hot dogs. These two foods always did this to me since I was a kid. Now potato chips does the same thing. In fact I will throw up about two hours later after eating plain potato chips...

They also give me headaches and I feel light headed...It will go away after a couple of hours.

It's not a really a severe problem for me...Im just really curious as to why only these three foods? Maybe there are other's foods that will do this to me, but none that I know of except these three...


!~ coz you are charming ~ LOL !! (^_^)...maybe you are allerigic to it or self voice thingi tells you that it is bad...~ you should be happy coz atleast you won't be getting fat by chips and hotdogs ~!

Hot dogs are full of all sorts of additives which annoy many people, so your problem isn't out of the ordinary. Bologna, fake sweeteners, things like that may also bother you as they have many additives. Try to stay with less processed foods and you'll feel better. Check the ingredients list of your potato chips and see if you are buying the ones loaded with additives also. And maybe switch to the natural ones they are selling now, always check the ingredients list of things that bother you and stay away from those chemicals in the future.

Apples are hard to digest so that's pretty normal too.

Because you are allergic to them. visit www.naet.com if you want to get rid of those allergies.

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