Is it possible to bake a pound cake in two circle pans?!

Question: Is it possible to bake a pound cake in two circle pans?
I'm trying to make a birthday cake from my brother and the design I had in mind isn't going to be possible in the usual loaf pan.


the pan size or shape doesn't matter but you should check on the cakes as they are baking so they don't overbake or burn because 2 circle tins will bake faster than 1 large square tin

Go right ahead and use the round pans.
The shape of the pan does not determine if a cake will be a pound cake or light cake, the recipe does that.
The loaf pan shape is the industries standard designated for a pound cake.
If you had a star shape pan and poured pound cake batter into it, it would be a start shape pound cake.

ya sure u can..the shape is not the issue the taste and love matters

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