Can you cook estrogen out of food?!

Question: Can you cook estrogen out of food?
Hi, my girlfriend keeps cooking me foods with estrogen in them. I don't want to turn into a woman or grow boobs or anything. How can I avoid this? Can you cook food a certain way so it won't have anymore estrogen in it?


You are doomed. First, you will spend hours watching Lifetime, then you will go buy mini cupcakes and tell all your friends about how cute they are. Then, you will wake up one morning with breasts and an unquenchable desire to hold a baby.


Do more research. Chances are that those levels are so slim it doesnt matter. Soy is actually good in moderation if it comes from Non GMO soybeans, which means they have been grown naturally. 20 grams a day can promote cardiovascular health. To answer your question no it cant be cooked out but if you google "Can food estrogens be broken down" there may be a way to soak it or add something. So stop being a macho freak, get what youre given, and like it or do it your damned self.

Buy the book called the china study and read it.

Ive been a vegetarian since the age of 10. I am 20 now and used to consume a lot of soy, I have since cut back after finding out it has phyto-estrogens but I still consume it and dont have moobs. If your girlfriend is trying to consume less meat go for alternative grains and stuff like lentils. There is also a brand called quorn that bites like meat, has great taste and a large variety. the downside is it's an english brand and each package runs around $5 in the states. it is made out of fermented mushroom protein so it is estrogen free.

Other estrogenic foods include alfalfa, apples, beets, carrots, cherries, chickpeas, citrus fruits, black-eyed peas, eggs, cinnamon, celery, dairy foods, eggs, fennel seed, flax seeds, garlic, potatoes, wheat, yams, pomegranates, red beans, sunflower seeds, tomatoes and sage.

Misconceptions of Estrogenic foods


Soy foods have been consumed by men and women for millennia. Some men may fear that eating soy foods will boost their estrogen levels and "feminize" them. Generally, this is not a genuine risk for men as they produce such large amounts of testosterone.
There is a risk for cancer if you overconsume soy foods: One study in 1999 showed that consuming only two servings of a soy-based protein powder providing 45 mg of soy isofavones a day could increase cell growth in women's breast tissues.

Everything is dangerous. Gof or moderation. Yet again stop being a macho freak.

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