Do Americans consume alcohol during their daily meals or not?!

Question: Do Americans consume alcohol during their daily meals or not?

Some do, most do not. Usually if alcohol is consumed, it is with the evening meal.

It varies. Growing up, people in my family NEVER drank alcohol at meals or really any time unless it was a big event (wine/champaine at New Years). My boyfriend's family on the other hand often enjoys a glass of wine or beer at most meals. Our familys have a mini-culture if you think about it, so what is right for one family might be different for another.

Some places of work frown upon drinking an alcoholic beverage with your lunch, however my work is fine with it and sometimes provides free beer for the employees! As long as people are being responsible and not getting drunk, they are completely cool with it.

Not all North Americans drink. Not all North Americans who drink imbibe daily with their meals. Not all North Americans who do enjoy a drink with a meal drink at every meal..

But it's common to have a glass of wine with the evening meal.

Some people in the USA consume alcohol for lunch and/or dinner. However, that's very common in Europe too.

A minority of people will consume alcohol for breakfast, but they are the one's with drinking problems... lol

Most do not on a regular daily basis. However, some do like a glass of wine with their evening meal. More people do this for special occasions or a night out.


I've never heard of that of Americans but the Italians usually have their homemade wine with every meal! The Italians drink their wine like we have water.

Only if I'm not going back to work. Though I'm not personally opposed to enjoying a beer or a glass of wine with my lunch--I know that *most* American companies frown on it.

LOL. Yeah, I have Italian relatives. When I was 7 years old they had no problem insisting I drink a WHOLE glass of wine! I was SEVEN! And I didn't like it. lol

Not so much for lunch but I enjoy a beer with my dinner when I eat Mexican or Cajun food.


Some do and some don't. Growing up, I recall my parents drinking a glass of wine with dinner every night.

Only if they have a drinking problem..........I think the people that do are in the minority........

Some have a drink with their main meal.

They sure do.

Not all of them

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