Quick and easy snacks to make ?!

Question: Quick and easy snacks to make ?
I'm 14 ,and I'm really hungry . There's barely anything in my pantry (I only say there's nothing to eat when there's nothing that I can just grab and eat.) I would like to actually make something to eat. I would love to have the instructions on how to make the snacks , too. Thanks! (:


Here are a few you might want to consider:

Baked apples with brown sugar and cinnamon

Make a fresh fruit salad with your favorite fruits, no sugar needed as the fruits will combine and make their own sweetness.

Mini pizza: Take a half of an English muffin and spead pizza or spaghetti sauce on it, add some cheese and any toppings you might have. Put in under the broiler for about 2-3 minutes, keep an eye on it so it doesn't burn.

Nachos: put a few tortilla chips on a plate, a little salsa, add some 2% grated cheese, add some ground beef or shredded chicken or cut up steak, if you have it and microwave a minute or until cheese is melted. Add shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes.

Make an omelet, or scramble eggs with a little cheese and then put in a tortilla with some salsa.

Deviled eggs: Hard boil a couple eggs (you can always refrigerate these to eat over a couple days), immediately chill them and peel. Slice in half long wise, remove the yolks with a spoon and put into a separate bowl. With a fork, mash together the yolks, light Ranch dressing, a touch of mustard and sweet relish. Now fill the egg whites with this mixture.

Make a smoothie with a banana (frozen is best), milk and ice and any other fruits such strawberries or blueberries that you may have. Simply put the ingredients in a blender.

I really don't know what's in your pantry and fridge, so these are just a few thoughts. Get creative with what you have and like.

Hi I am Erika,
Heres One of ma fav snacks (Yummy xD
Puppy Chow
Powdered Sugar Optional
Peaunt Butter
Chex Cereal
Big Baggie

Directions: So first you have to melt the chocolate 1 cup and butter 1/2 and peaunt butter 1/2....Not for dogs! Then you warm it in the microwave and you but the Chex Cereal in the Baggie and The melted crap then shake it until everything gets coverd then and 1/2 cup of powdered sugar to the baggie and mixed till the Chex is covered. Then put it in the freeze important than you have a nice cold snack.

cheese and crackers
peanut butter on saltine crackers
peanut butter on toast
Mix enough maple syrup with some peanut butter to make it creamy. Put on white bread.
carrots and cucumber slices with Ranch dressing for dip
fresh fruit-apple, banana, orange, pear, grapes
crackers and juice
graham cracker w/melted marshmallow and melted choc (S'Mores--make in microwave)
glass of milk
grilled cheese
piece of deli meat
deli meat sandwich
granola bar
scrambled egg w/cheese or ham and cheese
hot dog
sausage sandwich
egg and cheese sandwich
can of soup
mac n cheese
PBJ sandwich

Mac & Cheese it easy! Or get the microwavable ones that take like a min to cook. Celery and Peanut butter is always a good option :D hmmm Carrots and dip. Cheese & Crackers I like the spray kind! :) now Im hungry!!

Cheese crackers!...there so yummy i luvvvv them. what you do is you take five crackers and smother them with shredded cheese the put it in the microwave for 30 sec. then take it out its SOOO good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! try it so much

my brain

I always make instant noodles.
PB Sarnie :]
Rice & ketchup.
Otherwise - google? :3

Hope this helps your munchies :D

i love cut up apple and cheese
or a sandwich
cheesy waffles(toasted)
scrambled eggs(can be done in like 2 minutes in the microwave)

Soft cheese on crackers. Porridge. Toast. Micro Meals. Baked spuds, Now I feel hungry lol.

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