what is the best way to cook chicken if you want it to be as soft as possible?!

Question: What is the best way to cook chicken if you want it to be as soft as possible?
My 12 month old is starting to eat table foods (he's a little late since he only has one tooth lol) but I'm wanting to cook chicken for him and I want to know which way would be the best way to cook it (oven, steamer..ect) to ensure that it is soft & not dry so that he can eat it and also throughly cooked. Helpful answers are appriciated :) thanks!


you can make him stewed chicken and veggies as a one pot meal. You don't have to spice it up or anything, just make some lightly seasoned chicken in a crock pot and add veggies that get soft enough to eat (carrots, potatoes). Add a little broth and seasoning. You and the whole family can eat it too.

Pressure cooking will make it the softest but might not be the healthiest (that's how they make KFC!)

Here's an easy baking recipe that makes incredible-tasting cooked chicken:

Use a sided dish or pan for the oven and spray it with PAM. Lay out the thawed chicken in it (skin on) and brush melted butter (not margarine) over it. Sprinkle on some seasoning salt and bake the chicken for 1 hour at 350-degrees F., tented over with aluminum foil.

Pull off the foil and if it needs more browning, bake for 10-15 more minutes uncovered.

It tastes great and it's pretty healthy.

Try baking it in a cooking bag! Or boilling it or letting it simmer in a crockpot for a long time like all day. Low heat and cooking it slow makes it very tender. Like butter.

in the oven with very light ingredients and if possible no seasoning but make it flavorful cooked at 450 degrees for about 15 to 20 min after defrosted

A pressure cooker

lefty's chicken place

Well I would probably put it in a crock pot with light seasoning....it will create it's own juices...Cook for 8 or 9 hours..it will be fall off the bone tender....................

poach it...in chicken broth

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