Should I cook rice before I add to a casserole that bakes for 45 minutes?!

Question: Should I cook rice before I add to a casserole that bakes for 45 minutes?
The recipe is from a friend who just wrote it down from memory and now I can't get ahold of her to ask. She recommends brown rice, which the package directions say to cook for 45 minutes, which is the same time that the recipe says to cook the casserole, and I am supposed to put broth in the casserole as I'm not sure. Please help!


You should be fine just putting it in uncooked. I don't know how much liquid is in this casserole, you should have added that, but I'll bet that there is plenty.

this is all going to depend on how much liquid is added to the casserole, but a safe bet would be to assume there won't be, and precook the rice...
Can you add the recipe?
I will star this and check back in a bit

Edit, your friend was probably using a quick cooking brown rice, which Ive done many times, you DO have to stir it about halfway through. I think I would use that and a save your self the trouble

I would have thought that you should pre-cook the rice beforehand. Because brown rice takes longer to cook than white rice, and it needs a lot of liquid. Unless your casserole is swimming in liquid, it may not be enough.

Just my view, anyhow!

Trisha - isn't it always the way - by the time I have finished typing a reply, someone has beaten me to it!!

Personally, I would because if not if may turn out hard, but if you do you know that it will be tender. So, to answer your question yes boil the rice.

Soak brown rice for at least 2hrs. Then cook and rinse. Add to cooked casserole if you wish ,but I prefer a ring of rice. If altogether it's a bit same ish

ABSOLUTELY! Brown rice takes much longer (and more liquid) than white rice even in my rice cooker....and that normally takes around 45 to 50 minutes without any other ingredients!

No, I don't think so, it'll swell up into one big lump: believe me I've tried it!

Hope this helps :]

Personal experience.


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