Macaroni? Cheese? Which is which?!

Question: Macaroni? Cheese? Which is which?
Is macaroni on cheese or is cheese on the macaroni?


I'm italian, and this question is blowing my mind. I like both, how's that?

mmmmm...... it's the cheesiest :D

Macaroni is the type of pasta, so it's the cheese on the macaroni.

Macaroni AND cheese, means macroni with cheese On it.

the cheese is separate from the mac... haven't u ever cooked mac and cheese before?

macaroni and cheese , macaroni being the main ingredient

Its cheese in macaroni m'kay?


The cheese is on the macaroni

macaroni and cheese

You're a complete idiot.

It can be both............if you layer it for baking...............

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