Can i use milk instead of water for ready made pancake batter?!

Question: Can i use milk instead of water for ready made pancake batter?
im a beginner at making pancakes so far so good..i havent yet made my own mix from scratch but i would like to soon but in the meantime i would like to know if its possible to bypass water and just use milk instead.
cheers x


Yes, only if you want to upgrade your pancakes from good to AWESOMEMOUTHGASM.

They may be too rich if you use all milk. Try 1/3 milk and 2/3 water, and if that's OK work your way up.

But you should be able to make your own pancakes, as they are no harder than using a ready made mix, but contain none of the chemical shite that mixes do.

There is probably powdered milk in the mix so extra milk is not needed & may make the pancakes too rich tasting. Try using 1/2 water & 1/2 milk if you'd like to see how those turn out.

I make from scratch using a batter mix I made myself using powdered buttermilk and although water is recommended I use 2% all the time with great success and add blueberries

Yes it is possible but dose not taste that good. You can get Bisquck pancake batter tho which calls for milk or buttermilk and they taste real good.

Yes you can use milk instead of water, it will make them a little richer tasting.*

Yes it's up to you but it will not taste as good as with milk...

but it already has dry milk in it
it want hurt a thing

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