Is it true that raw potato will soak up some of the salt, in an over-salted gravy?!

Question: Is it true that raw potato will soak up some of the salt, in an over-salted gravy?
I think I salted the gravy for a chicken pot pie twice. I have already added the chicken & veggies but haven't put it in the crust yet. Is there any way to remove some of the salt, short of making the gravy over again?


I would thickly slice the potato so that more surface area is exposed to the salt.

Yes, some people will tell you that it's an old wife's tale, but it does work. Adding a raw potato to any sauce will help get rid of excess salt. Just leave it there until it is cooked.

However, it really depends on how much extra salt you have put in...!

If it's safe to do so taste the gravy, if it is too salty then adding a raw potato and cooking it but then discarding it can help. Hope you can rescue your dinner xx

Ok a potato helps chili or soups from being too salty...but I am not sure about gravy... Try adding a pinch of brown sugar or a 1/4 teaspoon vinegar. ...I would take a small amount and try this first before adding to the gravy....

Good luck....

I've tried this method in soup. It worked pretty well. Leave the potato whole and take it out after it has fully cooked.

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