Does anyone know any side dishes to go with breaded chicken?!

Question: Does anyone know any side dishes to go with breaded chicken?
im cooking breaded chicken for dinner and don't know what to have as side dishes. any suggestions? thanks in advance


K S, doing the same thing with seasoned breadcrumbs, having a salad with that.

Actually, if you have breading on the chicken, I'd forego the starch(es), unless you're getting something else out of them, like Vit A (carrots; sweet potatoes, etc.). I would definitely have something green: either broccoli, spinach, kale or a salad with mixed greens.

Add some mixed vegatbles like the california mix.
And Add a peice of italian bread.

Rice pilaf. It doesn't have to be made from scratch, just run to the market and pick up several packets of instant.

Mac and cheese would do for a starch and then I'd just o for a salad with lots of tomatoes in it.

Just salad would be simple and nice. Salad always works.

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