how to make green salad with lettuce?!

Question: How to make green salad with lettuce?

Ingredients :

1 head of Romaine lettuce (use only tender or heart leaves)
3 Oranges (peeled and cut into slices)
Extra virgin Olive oil

How to prepare this orange salad recipe:

1. Separate the lettuce leaves. Select the most tender or heart leaves, and wash them with cold water. Don't soak the lettuce leaves for too long because they lose nutrients. Leave them in a colander for some moments, but if they still have too much water, pat them dry them with a clean kitchen towel.

2. Tear the lettuce leaves with your hands, or cut them with a knife into 2-inch pieces give or take. It is said that using your hands preserves the natural lettuce taste better.

3. Peel the oranges and cut them in slices of no more than half an inch thick.

4. Take an oval or round serving dish and distribute the lettuce. Sprinkle salt and distribute the orange slices as a second layer. Dress it with a thin stream of extra virgin olive oil and serve. An olive oil dispenser works best.

5. This refreshing lettuce salad recipe is great to accompany meat dishes.…

Chop up lettuce with shredded carrots and chopped raw cabbage. Add dressing and flavored croutons.

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