What is your favorite jelly for pb&j?!

Question: What is your favorite jelly for pb&j?
i like raspberry or grape


Raspberry for sure!! it's gorgeous, complitments peanut butter perfectly :) the only jam i don't see it working with is apricot lol x

Apricot and pineapple, peach, strawberries, cherry, grape. I guess that is more like "jellies" then it is jelly, but I do like diversity in my foods and I did list them in order so my favorite would be apricot and pineapple.

DH has no taste.

Preserves, not jelly:
Damson plum

appelstroop (fr. Netherlands)

and, if I have to 'cause there's nothing else...

grape jelly.

Knott's Boysenberry if its still around. Yum. Idk if its a jelly now that I think about it....

definitely raspberry or plum


Red Raspberry or Plum...................

Try this and you'll love it. A slice of jellied cranberry relish. Yum.

grape, and if I feel gourmet, homemade plum

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