Choco ganache cake storage?!

Question: Choco ganache cake storage?
I'm baking a cake covered in chocolate ganache, it's going to be filled with peanut butter frosting, do I need to refrigerate this? I'm going to bake it & cover it with ganache Saturday for a party on Sunday. I know if I refrigerate ganache it will mess up the texture but will the peanut butter filling be okay if I left the cake out & covered.


It does not need refrigeration at all.
No frosting except the whipped cream variety needs refrigeration.
The sugar in it creates an unfriendly environment for bacterial growth and in fact, sugar is a preservative. This information comes from the USDA food inspectors that inspect the bakery regularly.
I work at a bakery and we do not refrigerate any of the cakes except the whipped cream topped ones.

Hi Im Erika I will be glad to help!

Well It will not be alright because peanut butter hardens and Well It just hardens so If you can you should just scrape off the peanut butter filling and put it in a resable plate and keep it at room Temperature! And yes you can cover the cake with ganache topping it will harden and it will be delicious! I promise if it dosent pls contact me!

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