SHould pizza have black olives on it?!

Question: SHould pizza have black olives on it?

i vote yes

If you like them, sure. That's the beauty of pizza - you can put anything you want on it. My 2 favs are hamburger, mushroom & olive or canadian bacon & pineapple.

Well, they could be green..... Strictly a personal preference. I always get black olives on mine.

WHy wshouldn't it. If you like balc olives then put them on there.

i haaaaaaaaaaate olives

Yes,i like black olives on pizza!

Not if it wasn't ordered with them, Einstein

yes! i love black olives on pizza

if you like them, then yeah it should!!!

yes, yes it should.

ya if you want to much then i happen

in a perfect world, yes

i vote yes too :D

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