Can I freeze my cooked ground turkey meat??!

Question: Can I freeze my cooked ground turkey meat??
I cooked it last night put it in Tupperware and stuck it in the fridge. I forgot that I have other leftovers that i will eat before I get the ground turkey so I wont eat it prob till Monday or Tuesday, so can I take the container and put it in the fridge? Or should I put it in a zip-lock then in the freezer??? Please help! THANKS


I would put it in the zip lock and squeeze all the air out and pop it in the freezer.

Good luck!

If you're going to eat it an a couple of days the tupperware in the fridge is probably ok. I wouldn't go past 2 days. Any longer than that and I would recommend freezing.

Yep I do brown burger n turkey and put in little freezer bags for a quick meal. Just thrown it in a recipe. Freeze the bags laying flat they will thaw in just minutes :)

I do that all the time. Just put the container into the freezer and get it out when you are ready to use it.

Sure you can freeze right in the Tupperware.

You can freeze it no problem

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