chicken pot pie recipes?!

Question: Chicken pot pie recipes?
I have leftover chicken from a whole chicken I baked. I want to make pot pies out of it, but I don't want the filling to taste just like cream of chicken soup. Does anyone have any recipes or ideas? I've never made this before, so all tips and suggestions are welcom:)


Just sautee the veg that you want in the pot pie in oil/butter and then add a couple tablespoons of flour to the mixture, sautee a couple more minutes (to toast the flour-removes the raw taste of flour) and then add chicken stock until it's the consistency you want it to be and add your shredded/chopped chicken pieces. Season to your liking with S&P, you can either allow it to cool for pot pies you intend to freeze or make the pies immediately if your intending to bake and eat. The flour creates the roux which will thicken your sauce up nicely, it's the traditional French way to make gravies/sauces, you can also add a touch of cream or milk if you like the milk base as well.

so store bought pie crust
beef chunks
tomato sause
carrot+ juices
soy protien
Mahed potatos
Bake for 30 mins on 700 degrees

go to They have thousands of recipes and real people that rate and review them. Good Luck!!

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