how to make red robin fries?!

Question: How to make red robin fries?
Hi, I'm rebekah, I love to cook and was wonderind how to make fries like at red robin, any ideas.
Full recipe please


try to but it from some restaurant or find recipe from some food site.

buy some frozen steak fries from the grocery store.
fry them in oil (vegetable, canola, corn, etc.) until brown
season with seasoning salt as soon as you pull them out of the fryer so the seasoning will stick (Tony Chachares(spelling?), Lawry's, or any seasoning salt.


*You can also place the fries on a baking sheet and bake then season. Easier but maybe not as crisp.

Next time you are at Red Robin, just ask them if you can purchase their special seasoning. I have bought some a couple times now. Then buy your steak fries or any kind of fries works to and bake them or fry them and then put the seasoning on them and there you have it. And I use my RR seasoning on all kinds of things. I LOVE IT!!

buy steak fries frozen..unless you want to take 7 years cutting and peeling taters. season with seasoning salt that you find with the herbs and spices in your local super market

u can buy it frozen from any super market,its called steak fries

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