Food decorating ideas for Wizard of Oz?!

Question: Food decorating ideas for Wizard of Oz?
Do you have any ideas( big small, one or five, anything goes!) about what I could do if I needed to decorate food for a Wizard of Oz theme? Something bright for the Munchkins, and green for OZ, would be good. Please help! Thanks!


For green I would do something like pasta verde, green goddess dressing, or herbed green rice maybe?

for dessert maybe top redvelvet cake cupcakes with white frosting and then sprinkle them with red decorating sugar (so it's like the ruby slippers) if you could find blue plaid cupcake wrappers (maybe at a party store like iparty) that'd be pretty cool.

I would do wicker baskets with blue gingham printed liners (they sell the material in the fabric store and you can cut it up) and then you can put breads, chips, stuff like that in your wicker baskets.

may i ask who you're making this food for? i know this may not seem relevant but if you're cooking for kids they wont eat broccoli if you're cooking for adults they might...

and what style of food are you looking for? home style? sophisticated?

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