What are some creative (not nasty) cupcake flavors?!

Question: What are some creative (not nasty) cupcake flavors?
My mom and me are gonna start a cupcake shop any creative flavors? For example cappiciano cupcake with coffee cinnamon frosting


Chocolate Cherry Coke, lemon, Guiness with Baileys Irish Creme frosting, lemon custard filled, lime with a strawberry in the middle, Nutella filled, s'mores (chocolate and cinnamine cupcakes with marshmello cream on top), German Chocolate, spicy chocolate (chili and cinnamon mixed into the chocolate batter), apple cider, pumpkin, Chai tea, lavender and vanilla, mint chocolate chip, pop rocks, cookies and cream, rainbow, and tiramisu.

Pineapple, eggnog with nutmeg icing, apple with caramel icing

Maybe if you like it ya know how you make jello cake? poke the straws through after you bake them? Well why not jello flavors like lime, cherry strawberry etc

Nutella. Mmmm.........................

mint chocolate, reeses peanut butter

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